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A colonoscopy allows direct imaging of your entire colon, which means it’s extremely helpful in recognizing and diagnosing problems like polyps, colon cancer, abdominal pain, and more. At Northside Gastroenterology Associates, Dr. Ayub Hussain performs colonoscopies with today’s most high-tech equipment and techniques. Call the office in Cypress Texas, or schedule an appointment online.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a type of endoscopy that uses a long flexible tube with a miniature camera to examine the inside of your entire colon. This test is helpful in the diagnosis of:

  • Colon polyps
  • Colon cancer
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diverticulosis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease


A colonoscopy is also helpful for some kinds of treatments, especially detection and immediate removal of precancerous polyps.

When should I have my first colonoscopy?

In general, the American College of Gastroenterology recommends having your first colonoscopy at age 50 if you’re symptom-free and don’t have a family history of colon cancer or related problems. African-Americans should consider having their first colonoscopy at age 45 because evidence strongly suggests that they’re more vulnerable to colon cancer.

If one or both parents, any of your siblings, or your child has ever been diagnosed with colon cancer or precancerous polyps, you may need to have your first colonoscopy at age 40 or younger. Dr. Hussain makes a recommendation after carefully considering your unique situation.

How do I prep for a colonoscopy?

The preparation for a colonoscopy involves two main things: diet and bowel prep. The diet prep usually starts a couple of days before your colonoscopy. Typically, it involves a low-fiber diet for a few days and then liquids only the day before your colonoscopy. 

Bowel prep typically means drinking bowel-clearing liquids the day before your colonoscopy. Dr. Hussain customizes your diet and bowel prep recommendations according to your situation and needs. Strict adherence to your colonoscopy prep is essential for accurate results. 

Is a colonoscopy painful?

Colonoscopies aren’t painful because you'll typically receive intravenous sedatives, which is often called twilight sedation. This ensures that you're drowsy but still awake and able to breathe on your own. 

You might experience some minor pressure and cramping during the procedure, but most patients don't even remember the colonoscopy after it's over. After your colonoscopy, you'll stay in a recovery room for a short period, and then a loved one can drive you home. 

For colonoscopy help from a gastroenterology expert, call either Northside Gastroenterology Associates location or use the online scheduler anytime.